MOScout End-of-Year Readers’ Poll: Legislators

Legislator Who Does Their Homework

Scott Fitzpatrick 39.29%

Rob Vescovo 34.18%

Holly Rehder 12.24%

Peter Meridith 8.67%

Becky Ruth 5.61%

Other reader suggestions/comments: McCann Beatty, Lavender, Alferman, Quade, and Swan.


Best on Floor – House

Jay Barnes 32.32%

Kevin Corlew 27.78%

Justin Alferman 20.20%

Kevin Engler 19.70%

Other reader suggestions/comments: McCreery, McCann Beatty, Richardson.


Best on Floor – Senate

Ryan Silvey 39.01%

Jamilah Nasheed 29.12%

Jill Schupp 17.03%

Rob Schaaf 14.84%

Other reader suggestions/comments: Chappelle-Nadal, Kehoe, Onder, Rowden, Schaaf, Schatz, Walsh, and Wasson…


Most Sincere Legislator

Hannah Kelly  46.43%

Allen Andrews 20.41%

Bob Dixon 17.86%

Kirk Mathews 15.31%

Other reader suggestions/comments: Burnett, Hummel, Munzy.


Craftiest Legislator

Shawn Rhoads 28.02%

Phil Christofanelli 23.08%

David Gregory 18.68%

Crystal Quade 18.68%

Dan Houx 11.54%

Other reader suggestions/comments: Cornejo, Mitten, Merideth, Barnes, Sifton, Schaaf, Hoskins, Sater, Haahr, Lavender, and Wasson…


House Freshman Most Likely to be Speaker Someday

Cody Smith 41.67%

Jean Evans 16.15%

Dean Plocher 16.15%

Nick Schroer 13.02%

Curtis Trent 13.02%

Other reader suggestions/comments: This answer is the kiss of death for aspirations, so I choose none.


Senator Most Likely to be Governor Someday

Caleb Rowden 64.06%

Mike Kehoe 17.19%

Bill Eigel 7.29%

Scott Sifton 6.25%

Dave Schatz 5.21%

Other reader suggestions/comments: Bob Onder