MOScout Poll: Bond Issue

Missouri Scout conducted its first poll of the year last week…


Respondents: Registered voters living in Missouri, with working landline and cellular telephones, who are likely to vote in a general election.  For this survey, 500 Interviews were collected (400 landline interviews were conducted by Interactive Voice Response. 100 cellular interviews were conducted by live operators.) The margin of error is +/-4.38%.



Question 7: The legislature is considering issuing bonds that would be paid off by property taxes to fix aging and unsafe highways and bridges and upgrade outdated school facilities across the state. Would you support or oppose a bond issue to upgrade the state’s roads and classrooms?

Support                       52.3%

Oppose                        30.2%

Unsure/DK/NA           17.5%


In order to enhance revenue to the state to address areas of need in both transportation infrastructure and education, legislators are considering sending a potential bond issue to voters. While a majority of voters (52%) said they would support the bond, proponents should be nervous. As other tax elections shows that the level of support expressed in pre-election surveys is typically the ceiling for proponents. Usually, unsure or undecided voters overwhelmingly collapse to join those in opposition to the tax.


Originally in January 28 MOScout.