MOScout Poll: Jobs #1 Priority

An overwhelming majority of voters think that there needs to be attention focused on improving economic conditions. Of voters sampled, 57% said the most important problem in Missouri was unemployment and jobs. Unemployment and jobs towered over the other three options of government spending (19%), education (13%) and health care (11%) combined. Clearly, any candidate looking to sharpen his or her campaign messaging for 2012 will have to provide voters with a promise of improving the economy. It will be interesting to see if any of the proposed ballot initiatives also try to tap into this angst as a reason to vote for or against a certain position.



What is the most important problem facing the State of Missouri right now, unemployment and jobs, government spending, education or health care?


Unemployment and Jobs – 57.1

Government Spending – 18.9

Education – 12.8

Health Care – 11.2


Poll was conducted December 13. 541 likely voters. +/- 4.2%

Originally in December 19 MOScout Daily Update