MOScout Poll: Jobs Still #1 Issue

Missouri Scout conducted its first poll of the year last week…


Respondents: Registered voters living in Missouri, with working landline and cellular telephones, who are likely to vote in a general election.  For this survey, 500 Interviews were collected (400 landline interviews were conducted by Interactive Voice Response. 100 cellular interviews were conducted by live operators.) The margin of error is +/-4.38%.



Question 2: Which of these four things is the most important problem facing the State of Missouri right now, unemployment and jobs, government spending, education or health care?

Unemployment and Jobs        43.0%

Government Spending            22.4%

Education                                16.1%

Health Care                             17.4%

Unsure/DK/NA                       1.1%


Economic issues continue to be the biggest concern for Missouri voters. But what’s interesting is that while still the dominant issue, unemployment and jobs receives significantly less attention than it did just a year ago. Also of note, despite “Obamacare” people over 50 are still worried about how they are going to access healthcare.  Young people aren’t as interested.



Originally in January 28 MOScout.