MOScout Poll: Medicaid Issue

Missouri Scout conducted its first poll of the year last week…


Respondents: Registered voters living in Missouri, with working landline and cellular telephones, who are likely to vote in a general election.  For this survey, 500 Interviews were collected (400 landline interviews were conducted by Interactive Voice Response. 100 cellular interviews were conducted by live operators.) The margin of error is +/-4.38%.




Question 4: As part of the new national Health Care Law, the state of Missouri has an option to expand Medicaid health insurance for those living in poverty. Do you support or oppose the expansion of Medicaid health insurance for the poor?

Support                       56.9%

Oppose                        33.1%

Unsure/DK/NA           10.0%


One aspect of the Affordable Care Act is that states must decide whether to expand aspects of Medicaid. Legislation about a potential expansion is being considered. When Missouri voters were asked if the Medicaid expansion should be undertaken – a majority of voters agreed (56.9%). The level of support for Medicaid expansion is very similar to what we found in the July 2012 MOScout poll.



Originally in January 28 MOScout.