MOScout Poll: MO Voters Like ESA, But Not RTW

The Weekly MOScout poll tested a few proposals from Governor Eric Greitens’ State of the State speech as well as a baseline for job approval.

Top Lines

Q: Do you approve or disapprove of Eric Greitens’ job performance as Governor?

Approve: 50%

Disapprove: 28%

Unsure: 22%


Q: Do you support or oppose legislation known as Right to Work becoming law?

Support: 39%

Oppose: 46%

Unsure: 15%


Q: Education Savings Accounts deposit state dollars into in a personal account that parents can use to cover the cost of education.  Do you support or oppose Education Saving Accounts for students with special needs?

Support: 58%

Oppose: 23%

Unsure: 19%


Q: Do you support or oppose term limits for the state Attorney General and Lieutenant Governor?

Support: 70%

Oppose: 13%

Unsure: 17%


Originally in January 23 MOScout.