MOScout Poll: The Guns Issue

Missouri Scout conducted its first poll of the year last week…


Respondents: Registered voters living in Missouri, with working landline and cellular telephones, who are likely to vote in a general election.  For this survey, 500 Interviews were collected (400 landline interviews were conducted by Interactive Voice Response. 100 cellular interviews were conducted by live operators.) The margin of error is +/-4.38%.




Question 3: Which of these two options do you think would do more to reduce gun violence in schools: having stricter gun control laws or having armed guards in schools?

Gun Control Laws      35.1%

Armed Guards            52.7%

Unsure/DK/NA           12.2%


After the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, gun policy has reappeared on the national stage. Accordingly, a number of pieces of legislation have been introduced at the State Capitol this year. We decided to test a key contention. When given the option between stricter gun control laws and having armed guards in schools – which would do more to reduce gun violence. A majority of Missourians (53%) preferred armed guards while 35% preferred stricter gun control laws.  As might be expected Democrats and St. Louisans want gun control, but support for control is muted over the rest of the state.



Originally in January 28 MOScout.