MRL Endorsements

Missouri Right to Life PAC released its general election endorsements.  Read it here. As usual, the far majority of pro-life legislators are Republicans, and they garner the lion’s share of the endorsements.

Here are the Democrats…

Senate 10 – Ed Schieffer splits the endorsement with Republican Jeanie Riddle.

House 2 (Guernsey’s district) – Mike Waltemath.

House 41 (Schieffer’s district) – Dan Dildine splits the endorsement with Republican Randy Pietzman.

House 68 – Rep. Keith English.

House 118 – Rep. Ben Harris.

House 120 (Jason Smith’s district) – Zech Hockersmith.


Republicans bristle at Missouri Right to Life endorsements.  Concerning the House side, one writes, “Here is a list of the candidates running for re-election in November who voted not once but twice for one of the most restrictive abortion bills in the country and did not get an endorsement from MRL.  I guess they are just not ‘pro-life enough.’  Sue Allen, Jay Barnes, Linda Black, Pat Conway, Scott Fitzpatrick, Tom Flanigan, Ron Hicks, Galen Higdon, Lincoln Hough, Bill Lant, Donna Lichtenegger, T.J. McKenna, Rocky Miller, Don Phillips, Craig Redmon, Shawn Rhoads, Todd Richardson, Jeff Roorda, Joe Runions, Dave Schatz, Noel Shull, and Sheila Solon.”


Over on the Senate side, a Republican shakes his head, “Isn’t it ironic that MRL can get a vetoed bill overridden in the Senate but not find a way to endorse a single sitting senator….”



Originally in September 22 MOScout.