New Committees

Alex Stafford started a committee to run for House 58.  He’d already filed with the secretary of state.  He’s one of three Republicans in that primary, including incumbent Rep. David Wood.  Stafford’s committee is an “exemption committee,” meaning he won’t be filing reports because he won’t be raising or spending more than $500.

This reminds me of John Combest’s second commandmentII. Candidates: When I ask you, “How much money have you raised?” do not tell me, “We’re going to run a grassroots campaign.” When you answer my question that way, not only are you disrespecting me by not giving me a straight answer, but you’re also telling me that you have not raised any money, you are not putting any effort into raising money, and that you have no real plan to raise money. In other words, you have accepted the fact that you are going to lose and now you’re wasting everyone’s time. Instead of coming up with excuses of why your fundraising numbers are so bad, get on the phone and raise some money.


Originally in March 23 MOScout.