New House Rules Coming

Speaker Todd Richardson is preparing to put his stamp on the House.  It looks as if new rules will be approved for the lower chamber which will make some significant changes.

First, there will be an effort to organize the House committees into “flights” with one group meeting on Monday and Wednesday, and the other meeting on Tuesday and Thursday.  This will eliminate some of the chaotic scheduling.  Each flight will have its own Rules Committee to which it will report.

Second, the number of committees will likely shrink.  But they will create sub-committees focused on specific issues which will hold hearing, take testimony, issue reports.  But only the committees will work on bills.

Third, look for the appropriations committees to shrink as well from the current seven committees down to five.  And the Budget committee will be made of members from the appropriations committees.

Finally, the plan is to have Fiscal Oversight take on a stronger role by watching closely the fiscal notes and instilling discipline that price-tags on bills don’t exceed what the budget projections can afford.

More on this as details emerge…


Originally in December 20 MOScout.