New MEC Opinion

Labor Orgs

MEC Opinion: A labor organization which serves as a connected organization may transfer membership dues from its treasury funds to its continuing committee/PAC. It may consider segregation of funds and must keep accurate records.  See it here.


MEC Opinion: A non-profit corporation that meets the requirements of Art. VIII, §23.3(3 )(b) may contribute to candidate committees, exploratory committees, and political party committees. Guidance is given on the 3 part-test of Art. VIII, §23.3(3 )(b).  See it here.

Clean Districts

MEC Opinion: A Clean Energy Development Board formed as a political subdivision under §67.2800 to §67.2835, RSMo is required to comply with personal financial disclosure requirements under §105.483(11), RSMo.  See it here.


Originally in August 31 MOScout.