October Quarters

New Approach Missouri which worked on marijuana reform raised $137K; spent $155K; and has $1,503 on-hand.  Oh and $500,825 in debt… It would appear about those owned are the core operatives: Ketcher Law Firm, Tightline Strategies R.L. Winters (fundraising), Winning Mark (digital).


Grow Missouri, the Rex Sinquefield committee started in 2013 to champion tax cuts (and rent a blimp), looks like it’s being wound down.  No new contributions came in, it sent $4K to various Republican House members and finished with just $46 on-hand.


Justin Brown, son of Sen. Dan Brown, has a campaign committee to run for his father’s senate seat in 2018.  Last quarter he raised $2,500 from his dad’s Brown for Treasurer committee.  This quarter he didn’t raise any money, but he spent $1,109 for “Market Animal Purchase” at the Phelps County Fair.  He now has $1,368 on-hand.


Originally in October 18 MOScout.