On 1st Congressional

St. Louis politico writes, “What sounds better – pork or bitter grapes?


“Carnahan’s been spewing that line about Lacy & the Republicans for at least a month now. Every time I run into him (ward meetings usually) that is all the guy can talk about.  In lieu of accomplishments or priorities, Carnahan delivers nothing but bitter grapes.


“Meanwhile, Clay is everywhere. I’ve never seen the guy work harder…probably because he hasn’t.  However, the name ‘Carnahan’ never crosses his lips. In public Clay serves up an unending list of yummy pork, specific projects and dollars amounts he’s sent back to his district.  He’s met with everyone in any sort of leadership position, and rank and file neighborhood activists, leaving no stone unturned.


“My gut tells me to go with the pork, and I think the rest of the electorate will feel the same way.”


Originally in June 4 MOScout.