On the Ballot Next Week

Here are some local ballot issues before voters next week.

A few St. Louis County school districts asking for tax increases. In Kirkwood, an “increase of $.78 per $100 of assessed value for the purpose of maintaining the current level of student programs, services & class sizes.”  Citizens for Prop A Committee has raised a little under $10K.

In Mehlville and Oakville, an increase of $.49 per $100 for “funding the strategic plan” of the school district.  Mehlville-Oakville Committtee in support has raised $44K, including $2,500 on the 8-Day Report from Sen. Scott Sifton’s committee. The anti-group, SecureMOFuture, has raised a little over $2K.


A proposal in the City of Independence would add 1/8 of 1% to the sales tax to increase funding “capital improvements for public safety purposes”:  The committee in favor, Independence for Public Safety raised nearly $9K; while the committee opposed, Independence Taxpayers Association filed Limited Activity, meaning they haven’t raised or spent more than $500.


In the City of Marshall there’s a ½% sales tax increase.  Vote Yes for Marshall has raised $1,400. And a fuel tax increase for road improvements in the City of Peculiar where Citizens for Improved Roads has raised $500.


Originally in October 29 MOScout.