Patriotic Violators?

Two readers – from different parts of the state – sent me the anti-Greitens mailer.  It echoes the same narrative on the website – see it here.  The group behind the website and mailer – Patriots for America has still not filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission despite the obvious activity to oppose a gubernatorial candidate.

The Law

130.049. An out-of-state committee which according to the provisions of subsection 10 of section 130.021 is not required to file a statement of organization and is not required to file the full disclosure reports required by section 130.041 shall file reports with the Missouri ethics commission according to the provisions of such sections if the committee makes contributions or expenditures in support of or in opposition to candidates or ballot measures in this state in any election covered by this chapter or makes contributions to any committee domiciled in this state. An initial report shall be filed no later than fourteen days prior to the date such out-of-state committee first makes a contribution or expenditure in this state.


Originally in December 17 MOScout.