Patriots in Ethics Doo-doo?

Politico reports on the fact that Patriots for America never filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission.  See it here.

Pull Quote: “A conservative super PAC that roiled the Missouri governor’s race last year may be in legal trouble after finally revealing who funds the effort — a newly formed nonprofit that is not required to disclose its donors — and just how it has spent its money. … What could land Patriots for America in trouble … is the fact that it spent money on a state-level race without filing reports with Missouri’s campaign finance authorities, which requires faster disclosure for some activities, according to multiple attorneys. It has sent out mailers and run digital ads bashing [candidate Eric] Greitens, but none of that activity has been reported to Missouri’s Ethics Commission. That could make it one of the few super PACs of the Citizens United era to face significant legal trouble, observers said.”

I wrote about this four months ago. See it here.


Originally in April 22 MOScout.