Polling Memo: Zimmerman Leads

From: Mark Mehringer, Peak Campaigns

Re: Zimmerman on track to win the Democratic Primary for Attorney General

Jake Zimmerman holds a significant lead over Teresa Hensley in the Democratic Primary race for Attorney General. While many primary voters are still undecided at this early point in the race, Zimmerman already leads by 9 points.

Initial support for Zimmerman stands at 24% while support for Hensley is 15%. Further, as voters learn more about the candidates, Zimmerman expands his lead.

Democratic primary voters know Zimmerman surprisingly well for a first time statewide candidate: 46% recognize his name. Only 30% have currently heard of Hensley.

The St. Louis area, where Zimmerman’s name ID is highest, will account for more than half of the electorate.

Further, Zimmerman’s message and background resonate with voters. After voters hear positive information about both candidates reflecting information on their websites, Zimmerman’s lead jumps to 23 points . His overall support climbs to 52%, while support for Hensley only grows to 29%…

While Zimmerman clearly has the advantage in this race, many voters are currently undecided. It is imperative, then, that Zimmerman continue to outpace Hensley in fundraising if he is going to ensure he wins the Democratic nomination for Attorney General in Missouri , and ultimately the general election as well. Our research shows a clear path to victory in August, and November, if he can continue to raise funds on the pace he has set thus far.

Peak campaigns conducted a statewide survey of 601 likely Democratic Primary voters in Missouri on April 2428, 2016. For a randomly selected sample of 601 interviews, the margin of error is +/4.0%.