Post Profiles Caleb Arthur

Caleb Arthur – said to be looking at running for Senate 30 – was profiled in the Post-Dispatch.  See it here.

Pull Quote: Little more than five years ago, Caleb Arthur was making $10 an hour as a law enforcement officer in his rural, south-central Missouri hometown of Houston. Fast forward to today, and the 31-year-old without a college degree is the founder and chief executive officer of a 125-person company that took in $24.5 million in sales last year and ranks as one of Missouri’s fastest-growing businesses.

His new line of work? Rooftop solar panels.

Arthur’s emergence at the helm of Sun Solar, which handles solar installations and energy efficiency upgrades for homes and businesses, would seem tailor-made to become a prized anecdote in political speeches about job creation….

“Believe in climate change or not, these jobs are growing at a faster rate,” said Arthur, who identifies as a lifelong Republican…


Originally in June 20 MOScout.