PSC’s Broadband Report

The Public Service Commission released its report on broadband access in Missouri. (See it Here.)  It was done at the request of Sen. Brad Lager and his Commerce Committee.


Although there is some variation of the definition that constitutes “broadband,” and “access,” the problem is obviously a rural phenomenon as the cost of building the infrastructure there is greater than the market to make it feasible.   See some maps on access Here.


Pull Quote: The 11 Missouri counties with the lowest percentage of the county’s population with access to broadband service at or exceeding this speed) are: Shannon (59.8%), Nodaway (59.4%), Worth (58.5%), Ralls (58.5%), Carter (57.9%), Randolph (57.4%), Washington (55.8%), Oregon (51.2%), Harrison (50.1%), Osage (38.6%) and Reynolds (15.4%). Bolded counties are also labeled by the FCC as underserved.


Originally in December 29 MOScout Daily Update.