Readers Report Recent Polls

Reader #1

Claire McCaskill vs Josh Hawley

Asked opinion on Hawley, Trump, CMC

BATTERY on CMC negatives

1) Claire missed 50% of meetings/votes of armed services committee – failing to represent vets

2) Claire out of touch used taxpayer dollars on private airplane flights and said regular people could afford private flights

3) cmc’s husband has taken millions in tax breaks while vital veterans programs suffered

Next battery scale of 1-9 on immigration issues

1) immigration should be restricted

2) build a wall and increased border security

3) support DREAMERS path to citizenship

Describe yourself dem/repub/Ind?

demographic question


Year born

Do you have a landline and a cell? Or just a cell

How often on Twitter

How often on FB

How often play games online/mobile


Reader #2

Favorables on McCaskill, Hawley, Greitens, Trump, Wagner, VanOstran

Job approval for Trump and Wagner

Would you vote for Wagner

General election held today – McCaskill or Hawley, Field of candidates or Wagner

Best reasons to support Ann Wagner which include the following: Support of veterans, the fight for better workplace conduct, leader in sex trafficking, supports strong military, tax cut

Would you vote for Ann Wagner or Cort VanOstran

Which reasons do you support to deal with recent gun violence events:

  1. Ban large capacity magazines
  2. Ban bump stocks
  3. Better background checks
  4. Restrict access to violent games and television for kids
  5. Teachers carrying guns
  6. Better mental health screenings
  7. Enforce laws
  8. Ban assault rifles
  9. Raise gun age to 21
  10. Armed guards in schools

Opinion of NRA

Options on how to deal with Donald Trump after reading a sentence about how he’s damaging our country and wrong every day but might have good tax and economic policies.

  1. Fully support
  2. Work when it makes sense
  3. Resist Trump

Also basics about likely to vote and demographics.


Originally in April 17 MOScout.