Refreshing Return to Traditional Gov

Rudi Keller reports on Governor Mike Parson’s visit to the University of Missouri. See it here.

“Every day in office, Parson is trying to create a contrast with Greitens. His predecessor rarely took questions from reporters, never visited with top university officials on campus and used university appropriations to balance the state budget. ‘You can see a difference in the governor’s office in the enthusiasm about this institution and all four campuses,’ Curator Maurice Graham said…

One MOScouter remarks: The contrast is being created by Parson’s return to traditions: Governors always get media coverage when they go around the state. Governors like to do cool stuff, like setting out priorities and visiting successful places that make Missouri look good. Governors wear neckties and suits on the job most of the time, with blue jeans and boots reserved for fish fries, county fairs and the livestock show in Sedalia. What Parson is bringing is an easy smile and plain but polite manner, not getting into peoples’ faces but being heard and heeded. It’s what governors do. We have a Missouri governor once again and he is getting benefit of the doubt because of Greitens fatigue. I don’t think the bar has been set exceptionally high to reassure the state because Greitens was so awful in several ways.


Originally in June 14 MOScout.