Republican Alternative to ActBlue Launched

The press release: Company founders Larry Schuster and Greg Wolff announced today the launch of RedRightNow, a local technology startup that “allows Republican candidates and conservative organizations to process online donations quickly, easily, securely, and for free.” The company launches with its first two clients in place, and is able to provide services in all 50 states… Users of the system can create a fundraising page that will allow them to immediately start collecting online donations. The page can either be integrated directly into their site or connected to it with a direct link. In addition to processing contributions, RedRightNow offers a variety of tools to help communicate with donors and potential donors, using mass e-mail, social media, and other mechanisms.  RedRightNow is free for the candidates and organizations that use it, and charges a 3.95% fee to donors who contribute through the system, at the time of the donation….

RedRightNow has built a powerful team of advisors who are helping provide a service to benefit Republican candidates and organizations, as well as the overall Republican Party… Francis Flotron (MO), Jeff Malmen (ID), Tim Jones (MO), Melanie Abrajano (MO), and Travis Brown (MO).