Richard for Floor?

Three sources say that the rumor moving on the Senate side is that Sen. Ron Richard told Sen. Mike Parson  that he planned to challenge him and run for floor leader next session.


It’s a strange development.  Parson and Richard have been allies.  Parson supported Richard for speaker and Richard appointed Parson chair of the Rules Committee in the House.  They came over to the Senate together.


But Parson has been more engaged in the Senate.  He ran for a leadership position; spearheaded the Prop B reform bill last session; and has attempted to be a trusted bridge between the hawkish “gang of nine” and the other members of the Republican caucus.


It is said that Parson previously asked Richard if he had any designs on floor leader, and Richard declined.  So this reversal likely stunned Parson.


Originally in May 16 MOScout.