Richard on Umbrellas and Stuff

For a guy who had his hands full running the Senate this session, Pro Tem Ron Richard thinks he could run St. Louis and St. Louis County better.  Listen to a two minute blurb with the mighty Jason Rosenbaum here.

St. Louis keeps getting in the way of themselves… They have a governance in St. Louis City that’s… I mean they have an entrenched bureaucracy that keeps them from functioning in my mind. The county has all these municipalities and all these little bity fiefdoms. Someday guys like me from rural Missouri are going to say ‘enough’s enough, you guys are out of money keep passing taxes I think that’s not in the best interest of Missouri, so we’re going to have to start merging municipalities, fire districts, police district public safety, merge county and city, sell Lambert Field, take that $2-3 billion do infrastructure in the city.’ But you gotta protect it because St. Louis will probably figure out a way to spend the money on a bunch of umbrellas and stuff…


Originally in May 16 MOScout.