Rucker for Senate

Martin Rucker II announced he’s running for Senate 34 as a Democrat.  See his website here.

From his email blast…

I’m running because it’s time for real change. It’s clear that last November’s election was a cry for change that we desperately needed, but it hasn’t been the outcome anyone bargained for. Now citizens realize that it’s not about one leader at the top but about real change at every level of government and in every part of their community.

Today is the is the first day of the new fundraising quarter and I’m asking you to

help me get off to a great start….

Martin Rucker II lost last cycle to Rep. Kevin Corlew 52%-47% in House 14.  And by the way, his father, Rep. Martin Rucker ran for Senate 34 in 2010, losing to Sen. Rob Schaaf 57%-42%.


Originally in October 2 MOScout.