Rumor: Jason Hall for DED Director

Rumorville: Hall for DED

It’s Missouri Technology Corp’s chief Jason Hall’s name that’s floating around as Governor Jay Nixon’s rumored choice to head the Department of Economic Development.

Originally in December 7 MOScout.


Hall Parks at DED

A week or so ago I passed on the rumor that Missouri Technology Corporation’s Jason Hall would be the new director of the Department of Economic Development.  The rumor makes sense when you look at the MTC board.  See it HereDavid Kerr, Dan Mehan, Greg Steinhoff, Garry Kemp, Donn Rubin, Joe Bannister


This rumor picks up a little cred in my eyes with the report of one tipster that yesterday Hall parked at DED yesterday – in the director’s parking spot.


Thin stuff I know, but I give yas what I gots.



Re-live the Susan Montee – MTC audit tiff Here.

Originally in December 20 MOScout.



Hall Monitor

Ah, the mystery continues.  Yesterday Jason Hall was back at the Department of Economic Development, BUT he did not park in the director’s parking spot.  Hmmmm.  Put that in your crystal ball and smoke it.

Originally in December 28 MOScout.