Rupp on Mission to Educate

PSC Commissioner Scott Rupp is a gem.  He’s on a mission to make the complex energy industry accessible to everyday folks – like me.

His latest innovation is a website to serve as a platform for his many educational efforts. It’s called Simplifying Energy.  See it here.

Press release: When launching the initiative today, Commissioner Rupp stated “The energy industry is complex and often confusing to a non-energy professional.  Attempts to find understandable, clear information that is not full of “industry speak” often leaves consumers frustrated and at times distrusting of their energy company and its regulators. It is my goal to provide relevant, interesting information about the energy industry that will enlighten, educate and at times entertain. Together we can simplify the energy industry.”

The website was the brainchild of Rupp in combination with his wife Carissa’s web building skills, and is a private site that utilizes no public monies…


Originally in January 24 MOScout.