Saturday Morning Rummage – November 8, 2014

The Saturday Rummage…


New Committees Filed (Missouri Ethics Commission)

Dade County Democratic Central Committee – Treasurer: Velma Wood.

Rachel Riley for 3rd In-District Councilwoman – Council Person In-District District3 City Of Kansas City – Treasurer: Joyce Bradford.

Missourians for Fiscal Accountability – Support Constitutional Amendment 10 – Treasurer: Michael Grote.

Van Hooser for Springfield – Buckley Van Hooser for Council Person Zone 2 City Of Springfield – Treasurer: David Culbert.

MO 26th Republican Senatorial Committee – Treasurer: Todd Rio.

Clark for First Ward Committee – John Clark for Council Person Ward 1 City Of Columbia – Treasurer: John Clark.

Chastain for Mayor Election Committee LLC – Clay Chastain for Mayor City Of Kansas City – Treasurer: Karen Chastain.

Webster Groves For All – Treasurer: Steve Adams.

Missouri Municipal PAC – Treasurer: Benjamin Yousef.



State Employee Changes (Missouri Accountability Portal)

People (earning over $50K) who appear to have left state employment lately, as their salaries were zeroed out on the date given.

Debra Joan Black – 10/15/14 – Department of Social Services – Designated Principal Asst Div.

Mark Campbell – 10/15/14 – Department of Transportation – Customer Relations Director.

Rachel Mobley – 10/15/2014 – Department of Agriculture – Special Asst Professional, previously Division Director.

Timothy Baysinginer – 9/30/14 – Department of Public Safety – Captain.

Franklin Campbell – 9/30/14 – Department of Conservation – Admin Services Div Chief.

Larry Denney – 9/30/14 – Department of Corrections – Corrections MGR B3.

Steven Larkins – 9/30/14 – Department of Corrections – Corrections MGR B3.

Kathy Quick – 9/30/14 – Department of Health and Senior Services – Special Asst Professional.