Sauer’s Open Letter to Blunt and Schlemeier

In today’s chapter of the Sauer Chronicles, the Missouri Roundtable for Life leader pens an open letter to lobbyists Andy Blunt and Jorgen Schlemeier


Dear Andy and Jorgen:


Rumor has it that you are working the halls of the Missouri legislature to undermine efforts to protect Missouri taxpayer dollars from going to abortion, human cloning, and embryo experimentation.


Why are you doing this? Are you being paid? If so, how much and by whom?..


This is outrageous.


By copy of this letter to the entire general assembly, we are calling on them to immediately initiate and pass legislation that requires full public disclosure of every dollar paid to lobbyists by their clients.


Just as candidates for public office must disclose their campaign contributions, so too lobbyists should have to publicly disclose who pays them and how much they are being paid.


At least then we will know how much special interest groups are paying to raid the Missouri treasury.


Yours truly,

Fred N. Sauer



Originally in April 24 MOScout.