Schatz Swings for Dollars

MOScout tipster says… “Before it’s said and done, Senator Dave Schatz is estimated to raise over $100,000 for his golf tournament that was held in Sullivan. In a post Amendment 2 environment, those lawmakers who have cultivated and maintained strong local donor bases are likely to stand out, just as Schatz has done since being elected to the House…”

What It Means: Schatz is thought to be positioning himself as an alternative to Sen. Bob Onder as a possible Senate Pro Tem after Sen. Ron Richard is term limited.  As the MOScouter writes Schatz is a strong fundraiser beyond the normal Jefferson City crowd.  He used his money muscle to grab this senate seat when the conventional wisdom thought that Speaker Tim Jones would be heading to the upper chamber.  However Senate leadership races – unlike House leadership races – are much less about fundraising and money.


Originally in September 18 MOScout