Schmitt on Education Funding

Sen. Eric Schmitt had a dominate voice on the Senate floor this week on education funding issues.


First he stood with other Truman alum senators to amend Sen. David Pearce’s higher education funding bill to give Truman a different “peer group” for comparisons.  During it Schmitt drew an analogy to what he imagines a future debate on the foundation formula will look like – where there’s some give and take and accommodations are made for different circumstances.


Then, when Sen. Joe Keaveny’s bill to expand funding for early education hit the floor, Schmitt once again stood.  This time he railed against the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for their distortion of the funding formula. 


It resulted in a tweet from Commissioner Chris Nicastro promising to schedule a meeting with Schmitt’s office so they could discuss the formula. 


I mean what did we do before twitter?  Oh yeah, we picked up the phone…


Originally in April 25 MOScout.