Schupp Sitting Pretty

Word is that no Republican names are firming up to take on Sen. Jill Schupp in Senate 24.  This has been a hotly contested – and expensive race – in past cycles.  And certainly Republicans will put someone up.   But the absence of an early top-tier candidate chopping at the bit to run is a very good omen for Schupp.

Tipster: “No one seems interested. Most people assume that district will over perform for the Democrats in 2018 due to President Trump. Educated voters do not like Trump.”

What It Means

Some folks following the upcoming midterm elections closely think that President Donald Trump’s tenure is leading to a more engaged electorate.  Some Americans are eating up his unconventional style and others are disgusted at his unpresidential behavior.  This may lead to higher than usual mid-term turn-out, helping both Republicans (in rural places like House 97 and 144 for example) and Democrats (in St. Louis County suburbs like Schupps).


Originally in October 4 MOScout.