Schweich 2009: Budget Chair Should Resign

Four years ago, Gary Nodler resigned from his spot as Senate Appropriations Chair to pursue a congressional bid.  Some wonder if Sen. Kurt Schaefer will do the same. 


One reason given is simply time.  Appropriations takes an enormous amount of time, and Schaefer might rather use that time running for attorney general.


But the other reason is a perceived conflict of interests from those who would donate to his campaign.  In a 2009 Columbia Daily Tribune article Tom Schweich raised this concern when his auditor primary opponent, Allen Icet refused to resign as the House Budget Chair.  Read it here.


“But Icet’s Republican auditor opponent, former Department of State official Tom Schweich, called on him to step down as budget chairman. ‘There is no way an appropriations or budget chair running for higher office can avoid the appearance of impropriety while accepting contributions from lobbyists and special interests who have business in the budget process,’ Schweich said.”


Originally in December 12 MOScout.