Senate 14 Preview

A MOScout poll at the end of April had Sharon Pace and Joe Adams within the margin of error.  It showed Pace’s 23% against Adams’ 20% with Brian Williams coming in at 8%.  Recently an Adams campaign memo was making the rounds which touted Adams with a healthy lead at 50%.  While Pace and Adams each have a House district to serve as their base, Williams is said to be backed by Congressman Lacy Clay.  But there’s a difference between being backed and being BACKED.  In other words, it’s unclear exactly how heavy Clay’s support will be.  He doesn’t have any real opposition himself as reason to mobilize his ground game.  And he doesn’t have the motive of revenge since Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal’s candidate, Courtney Curtis, didn’t make the ballot.


Originally in June 21 MOScout.