Senate 18 Preview

Senate 18

A MOScout Poll conducted in early May showed the field without a clear front-runner.  It tallied Craig Redmon 18%; Lindell Shumake 17%; Nate Walker 15%; and Cindy O’Laughlin 10%.

The fact that O’Laughlin was in the pack despite having never held elected office is perhaps attributable her business having her name, O’Laughlin, Inc., “a concrete and aggregate hauling business.”

Shumake and Walker come from the population centers of Hannibal and Kirksville. But O’Laughlin has the money, and she’s established a strong conservative voice.  Redmon, meanwhile, has the support of the incumbent, Sen. Brian Munzlinger.

In some sense it’s anyone’s game.  But clearly O’Laughlin has the easiest messaging as she has a pretty easy contrast with the three male state representatives.


Originally in June 21 MOScout.