Senate 23 Poll

A recent MOScout poll went back to the Republican primary in Senate 23 to see what the impact would be of Rep. Mark Parkinson’s exit.

The conventional wisdom was that it was bad news for Rep. Anne Zerr and both Parkinson and Bill Eigel would be drawing from the same base of supporters.

The poll showed that without Parkinson, Zerr was still leading Eigel 25% to 19%. With a huge 56% undecided.

I polled this race about six weeks ago when Parkinson was still in.  Here are the results from October 4:

Anne Zerr – 26%

Mark Parkinson – 19%

Bill Eigel – 10%

Undecided – 45%


So it looks like Eigel immediately picked up about half of the Parkinson supporters; Zerr got no one from his dropping out; and the rest of the Parkinson’s earlier supporters went to “undecided” camp.


Originally in November 23 MOScout.