Senate 24 Poll

This week’s MOScout poll looks at the hotly contested Senate 24 race.  Incumbent Sen. John Lamping is retiring (for a while at least).  Republicans chose John “Jay” Ashcroft as their candidate; Rep. Jill Schupp is the Democratic candidate.


The poll finds some good news for each side.  For Ashcroft, the news is simple: he leads.  But for Schupp the news may be better.  Ashcroft’s lead looks tentative.  He has higher unfavorable than she does, and in the two issues tested (same issues we tested in Senate 10 last week), voters look like they are more aligned with Schupp.


Take a look… Or go to Special Report section and see the full results here.


Q: The candidates for State Senate are Republican John R. Ashcroft, Democrat Jill Schupp and Libertarian Jim Higgins. If the election were held today, for whom would you vote?

John R. Ashcroft         45%

Jill Schupp       39%

Jim Higgins     5%

Undecided      11%


Q: Would you be more likely, or less likely to support a candidate who supports accepting federal dollars for Medicaid expansion?

More Likely    49%

Less Likely      29%

No Difference 22%


Q: Would you prefer to see lower taxes or fully funded education programs?

Lower Taxes   43%

Fully Funded Education         50%

No Opinion     7%


Q: What is your opinion of John R. Ashcroft?

Favorable        38%

Unfavorable    28%

No Opinion     33%

Q: What is your opinion of Jill Schupp?

Favorable        39%

Unfavorable    17%

No Opinion     45%