Senate 32 Preview

A mid-April MOScout poll gave Rep. Bill White a monster lead over Rob O’Brian. (42% White; O’Brian 16%).  O’Brian is the head of the Joplin Chamber of Commerce.  Despite White’s big lead, O’Brian should be considered a strong contender.  He has several factors in his favor, including the support of the incumbent, Ron Richard.

A couple Republicans I spoke to have said that White has “terrible” votes.  This includes some anti-tort reform bills.  And one observer thinks it’s those votes which may put a target on his back and motivate David Humphreys to be an impact player in this race.

In fact, one said that he expects that Humphreys will come in and “tear” White apart on some of these votes.  If so, we’ll see if an IE can erase that big lead in the final month.


Originally in June 21 MOScout.