Silvey for Approps?

This is from last month, but I never did link to it, and it’s pretty interesting.  It’s an interview Sen. Ryan Silvey did on Statehouse Blend.  He makes the pitch for why he should be Appropriations Chair next year.  Listen to it here.

Pull Quote: “I don’t think you’ll ever see me being president of the Senate, getting votes from my colleagues to be in leadership, because they don’t necessarily feel like I’m the best team player I guess all the time on their issues.  But as far as getting re-elected and talking to that folks back home, that’s what they want from me…

I was [chair of the Budget Committee in the House] and I’m vice-chair in the Senate and the chairman is now term-limited.  So my hope is to chair that appropriations committee next year… when it comes to a term-limited environment, there is no one in Jefferson City who’s had more appropriations experience than me and I would hope that trumps any particular vote on any particular issue…”



Originally in August 10 MOScout.