Silvey Makes Case for Approps Chair

Missourinet has a story up featuring quotes from Sen. Ryan Silvey making the case that he should lead the Senate Appropriations Committee.  See it here.

Silvey was Chair of the Budget Committee when he was in the House and has served on the Appropriations Committee since his election to the Senate.  He argues that his experience together with the circumstances – a budget shortfall – make him uniquely suited for the task.

Pull Quote: With term limits, with the new administration coming in, believe it or not I’m the only person in state government who’s actually written a state budget before. All the others have term limited out,” says Silvey.

In the hallways, the consensus had evolved over the past year that Pro Tem Ron Richard would appoint Sen. Dan Brown to chair the committee, in part because Brown was ardent handler of the anti-organized labor legislation that Richard coveted, while Silvey was sympathetic to unions. But we’ll see soon enough…


Originally in December 14 MOScout