Silvey V Bechthold

Sen. Ryan Silvey has filed suit against his general election opponent, Ranen Bechthold.  The casenet # is 16CY-CV07090.

It says that Silvey filed an “amended verified petition for disqualification from the general election.”  Apparently Bechthold may have a residency problem.

Bechthold has received $25K from David Humphreys.  He’s the only Democrat – so far – to receive money from the conservative businessman.  Silvey has been a pro-labor Republican, and Humphreys’ big issue is right to work.

Silvey Statement

When I was elected to represent the citizens of Clay County in the Missouri Senate, I swore an oath to uphold the Missouri Constitution. Article III, Section 6 requires that a Senator be a resident of the district they wish to represent for one year prior to their election. According to both the Jackson County and Clay County Election Boards, on Nov. 8, 2015, Mr. Bechthold was registered to vote in Jackson County, which is outside of the 17th District. It is vitally important that we protect the integrity of our electoral process and respect the Constitution that governs us. If the courts allow him to proceed, I look forward to a spirited race to represent the people of the 17th District. However, I believe if Mr. Bechthold is allowed to remain on the ballot, it will erode the trust Missourians place in their government and am therefore compelled to bring this action.