Smith Gets Ways and Means

Congressman Jason Smith won an assignment to the Ways and Means Committee.


The committee which handles tax policy is considered one of the most powerful in Congress.  His ability to land the spot bodes well for his political future.


How did a new member nab the coveted seat on Way and Means?  It’s said it wasn’t all that different than the way that he won the legislative committee’s nod for the congressional nomination eighteen months ago.  He worked hard and made friends.


Smith made a concerted effort to demonstrate that he was a team player.  Avoiding a potentially time and money consuming primary (read Peter Kinder) freed Smith up to go work for other candidates.  He visited fifteen districts, and to contribution money to the congressional committee and candidates.


Perhaps most importantly though Smith used his personal charm.  He worked the list the people who would influence the ultimate decision.  Just as with the special nominating process (or winning state House leadership races), the committee assignment process is determined by a certain number of people.  Smith may not electrify a big crowd with speeches, but he can work one-on-one relationship as good as anyone.  And proving it this early in his career in DC is a testament to his ability.


Originally in November 24 MOScout.