Southeast Missouri Conservatives PAC

Paperwork for a new political action committee was filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission.  Southeast Missouri Conservatives PAC.  Its treasurer is Jennifer Crouch.

This is a leadership PAC for Sen. Gary Romine. At the federal level many members of Congress have “Leadership PACs” to augment their fundraising.  With the passage of Amendment 2, we’re seeing this become standard practice here in Missouri too. One purpose of a “Leadership PAC” is to show the willingness and ability to fundraise for your colleagues and future colleagues.

It appears that Romine is joining Sens. Bob Onder and Dave Schatz in exploring a pro tem bid.

We’ll see if the three all stay focused on that post.  There’s still over a year before the 2018 elections and a successor to Ron Richard would be chosen.  It’s possible they will work out an  accommodation.  Perhaps one will become pro tem, another to be floor leader and the third will take a powerful chairmanship?  We’ll see….


Originally in September 20 MOScout