St. Joseph Seeks ESCO

From the RFQ: The intent of this Request for Proposal on Qualifications (RFQ) is to solicit qualification proposals from Energy Services Companies (ESCOs)… St. Joseph intends to select an ESCO and award contract(s) to perform cost-effective energy conservation retrofits…

The City of St. Joseph looks to address its energy and capital needs through a guaranteed energy cost savings program.  St. Joseph is a municipality that manages and operates an extensive list of facilities, including oversight from the Fire Department, Police Department, Administrative Services, Public Works, and Parks Department.  Facilities types range from industrial, office, mixed use, recreational, and specialized uses like an ice arena. Additional needs outside of traditional facilities, like wastewater treatment, street lights or other areas of infrastructure, will be considered as a part of a potential partnership with the selected ESCO.

The City of St. Joseph anticipates a major reduction in annual utility costs through the

implementation of this energy conservation program. The ESCO will provide a written guarantee of all utility reductions and provide all financing for the project….

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Originally in November 6 MOScout.