St. Louis County Gone Dem

For Dreaming Streamers, one problem remains… reality.  St. Louis County looks like it’s just too far gone Democratic for Rep. Rick Stream to be able to pull off an upset – even amid the crazy turmoil of Ferguson.


Consider two years ago when three St. Louis County Republican pols were stomped in St. Louis County by their Democratic counterparts… Claire McCaskill beat Todd Akin by 33 points… Jay Nixon beat Dave Spence by 27 points… and Clint Zweifel beat Cole McNary by 24 points.


Two year before that, in the landslide Republican year of 2010, with its non-presidential cycle turnout, Roy Blunt ended Robin Carnahan’s political career with a 14-point trashing.  Yet, in St. Louis County, he still lost to Carnahan by a healthy 8 points.


Some will say that Stream if a different, more moderate Republican.  The guess is when Steve Stenger finished telling St. Louis County about Stream’s various votes (Sharia law anyone?), it won’t seems so moderate.  But as always, we’ll see…


Originally in September 22 MOScout.