St. Onge: Vigilante Fireman?

Oh boy.  KMOV reports on an altercation between former Rep. Neal St. Onge and the Lake Saint Louis Police and Fire Departments.  See it here.

Here’s St. Onge’s side of the story (from his Facebook): Under the Category that No Good Deed Goes Unpunished. I was driving home this afternoon, saw smoke from Lake St.Louis Blvd. I pulled in the subdivision, told Brenda to call 911, then ran in the home and evacuated two adults and one child. I then went to back of home, hooked up a garden hose and had the fire about 90% knocked down when a policeman arrived and ordered me to leave that I was in danger. I replied that I was a former firefighter and I wasn’t in danger. A fellow in short pants turned my hose off and I asked him if he was f—king crazy? That did it, I was put in cuffs and spent about 40 minutes in the back of a police car. For you older timers, Leroy and Capt. Behrens would have been proud. Please help this go viral!

And here’s the police version from their Facebook: On 10/26/2017 at approximately 4:00 PM Lake Saint Louis Police responded to the area of Foxbridge Court for a report of a fire. Upon arrival police officers made contact with a male subject who was standing on a rear deck of the villa which was burning. The subject was utilizing a water hose in an attempt to extinguish the fire which had spread to the attic of the home and the deck area on which he was standing. As the entire residence was evacuated, police officers made numerous requests for the subject to come down from the deck for his own safety, to which the man refused. A firefighter on scene also requested the subject to step down for his own safety and to prevent him from interfering with other fire department personnel who were attempting to fight the fire. The subject again refused. A firefighter on the scene turned off the garden hose that the man had been using, in another attempt to get him to comply and step away from the burning villa. The subject became angry, shouted obscenities and ran toward the firefighter aggressively. A Lake Saint Louis police officer grabbed the man’s arm in an attempt to stop him from assaulting the firefighter, at which time the man pushed the officer. The subject was then briefly detained to prevent him from assaulting the firefighter and entering back into the fire scene. The fire was extinguished by the Lake Saint Louis Fire Protection District and nobody was injured.


Originally in October 30 MOScout.