State Bids Out Security Guard Services

The state is bidding out its security guard services contracts.  From the RFP: The security guard services series of contracts had approximately $268,000.00 in spend during Fiscal Year 2015, approximately $1,430,000.00 in spend during Fiscal Year 2016, and approximately $1,379,000.00 Fiscal Year 2017. The current contracts for security guard services expire March 31, 2018…. The contractor shall provide unarmed and armed security guard services (hereinafter referred to as security guard services) for any requesting state agency of the State of Missouri (hereinafter referred to as the state agency), in accordance with the provisions and requirements stated herein, in accordance with the instructions provided by the state agency, and in a manner that is satisfactory and acceptable to the state agency…

It looks like the current providers are: Guardian Security Company, Guardsman Security & Investigation Inc., Homeland Security Protective Service, and Twin City Security, Inc.


Originally in September 29 MOScout.