Statewide Fundraising Numbers

Governor Jay Nixon raised $448K, spent $434K and has $427K on-hand.  Most of the contributions and expenditures were presumably tied to the inaugural.

Ameren appears to have been the biggest corporate sponsor ($50K).  But ATT, Peabody, Civic Service, Burns & McDonnell, and RightCHOICE came in for $25K, and more at the $10K level.


Besides inaugural costs ($35K to Contemporary Productions, $50K to Capitol Plaza), some senior campaign staff appeared to have their campaign pay rounded out… fundraiser Margaret Onken received $27K and Oren Shur received $28K.



Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder raised $127K; spent $140K and has $54K on-hand.  Among Kinder’s biggest donors were Rex Sinqeufield ($20K); Roy Pfautch ($10K), Centene ($10K), Sam Fox ($5K), James McDonnell ($5K), and tax credit wiz / developer Steve Stogel ($4,800).


And where’d the money go?  A lot of it to consultants.  Former campaign manager Logan Thompson received his win bonus… $26,500.  Long-time strategist David Barklage was paid $20K; Donna English’s fundraising firm took $15K; James Harris’ firm, $10K; and Steve Tilley’s consulting firm, $7K.


And Kinder’s MEC form says “statewide office” for those who are curious…



Attorney General Chris Koster raised $374K, spent $91K and has $419K on-hand.  That’s a nice start for the presumptive Democratic gubernatorial nominee… On his expenses is Nixon’s campaign consultants Hilltop Strategies… and Margaret Onken



Secretary of State Jason Kander raised $14K, spent $8K, and has $18K on-hand.  And Auditor Tom Schweich raised $520, spent $5,843, and has $72K on-hand. 




Originally in April 16 MOScout.