Steelman: Yes Rush, No Stern

In an interview last week, Sarah Steelman weighed in on Rush Limbaugh’s induction – for which she was present.  Listen to it Here.


Steelman: To me it’s not controversial.  He’s a famous Missourian.  He made a difference in talk radio.  I know the family quite well; they are very patriotic.  They’ve contributed a lot to our state. And I’m proud that he’s being inducted.  It was a very nice ceremony, and he had some great things to say about the state of Missouri…


KFNS:  Let’s say Howard Stern were from the state of Missouri… would you still be in favor of that?


Steelman: Uh, I don’t know about that.


KFNS:  And what’s the difference?


Steelman: I just don’t think that Rush Limbaugh has the Howard Stern style he’s talking about conservative ideas.


KFNS:  But the standard was they’ve both been very successful in their industry?


Steelman: Well the standard was he’s changed the face of talk radio.
KFNS:  And I would say Howard Stern has done that just as much, would you disagree?


Steelman: You know I haven’t watched Howard Stern and listened to him much, but I understand he’s pretty vulgar most of the time…


And back and forth….