Tax Credit Commission Draft Reaction

The reaction to the leaked draft of the Governor Eric Greitens’ tax commission report received a schizophrenic reaction from the left side of Missouri’s political community.

Outwardly several Democrats took swipes at specific proposals within the draft, denouncing his “food tax.”  For example, Sen. Gina Walsh released a statement that calling the draft “astonishing to see Gov. Greitens’ think about even more reckless corporate breaks, while trying to create a new food tax that will hurt working families the most.”

But there was also some private wonderment from activists that “several parts matched what we have been emphasizing.”   The draft repeatedly critiqued the Brownback tax cuts in Kansas, seeking not to repeat those mistakes.  Groups like Empower Missouri have testified in committee hearings that the state’s graduated income tax brackets as essential flat, and that allowing a deduction on state taxes for federal tax payments is a windfall for the wealthy.


Originally in June 30 MOScout.